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   Please look through the patches which are in the Gallery, All the patches have been made by me from photos, sketches, ideas, and walk-ins when I had My Shop, all my customers got to know me by word of mouth as I never advertised so, l thought I would open my own website and work from home, now retired I got board so got  more machines and started again .

Sorry l can’t do the tee shirt printing or the pin badges and the mugs now only the embroidery,  

   I like the challenge of doing the digitizing which l do free of charge, some do.  Plus making a patch that l can be proud to produce for some one else and know that it will be seen by others.

   If you have an idea and design of a patch you want making, email me at the CONTACTS PAGE with your sketch or photo and what colours you want and the size, most round patches are 80mm, side patches are bigger or, a back patch size up to 15”x10”.

  I will email you back the same day and make a start and send you a photo back usually the next day so check your emails, you can pay to my Papal account and it’s in the post, this way is best if you have more than one item as the post  goes by weight all it takes is an email, its free.  Please Note  the patches in the gallerys mark NFS are not For Sale.  Thanks for calling.   Mark.


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Copyright & Trademark Disclaimer: Any design given for reproduction, the Customer guarantees that they have the Intellectual and Industrial Property rights (copyrights), as well as any right of image or privacy concerning legal persons who might exist to have the design recreated by Avon Patches. The Customer absolves  Avon Patches from any responsibility for claims by third parties arising from the illegitimate or criminal use of images subject to Intellectual or Industrial Property rights or rights of image or privacy of legal persons on personalised products. The costs of any breach of copyright, and any costs incurred by Avon Patches in defending itself, will be borne solely by the Customer. If we have doubts about whether the Customer may have the rights to reproduce a logo, then we have the right to reject the work we are being commissioned to produce.

Unless specifically requested otherwise, Avon Patches can display texts, images, graphic designs or brands owned by third parties for purposes solely to use as examples of work undertaken. Avon Patches will not pass on, remake or sell for its own purpose without the express permission of the owner.


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